Challenge Updates

January is almost over and so I’m gearing up for a new challenge starting Friday ( February 1st already??!!?). I’m also updating a few of the ones I attempted this past month and about how I did.

The 30 Day Clutter Challenge

Overall – not bad. The 30-day clutter challenge stalled out around day 10 for me, but then I picked it up again and I ended up with a carload of stuff to donate. I like having these challenges as long as I don’t feel like I have to stick to them or fail. I got to “de-clutter 5 pieces of chipped or cracked items in your kitchen” and bailed. I knew I had already dealt with those. So after skipping it, I found another challenge that recommended small appliances and went with that instead. I am donating a bread machine, donut maker, waffle iron, Forman grill, and Kitchenaid mixer. I’d already gone through our sheets before Christmas, so that day I de-cluttered my magazine pile. You’ll be happy to know I am letting the subscriptions run out and not renewing them. At one point I had over 17 subscriptions being delivered, I think I’m now down to 3.

The 24in48 Reading Challenge

I also joined a reading challenge this past month. The challenge was to read 24 hours in a 48-hour time frame. I was successful and actually ended up reading 25 hours (had to finish the book before bed!) but it did not go the way I had anticipated. I started with a simple schedule, three 4-hour blocks of reading time each day. Saturday my alarm was set to go off at 4 am where I would read until 8 am and break for breakfast. Back at it at 9 am, another break at 1 pm for lunch and then 2 pm – 6 pm where I would be done for the day and have enough time to get ready for our night out. It looked do-able. Here is what really happened. Wake up and can’t get back to sleep, read from 2 am – 6 am Break for necessities (bathroom and coffee) read 6:30 am – 7:30 am Breakfast and family time then read from 9 am – 11 am Lunch break, read Noon – 2 pm break for bleeding eyes, read 3 pm – 5 pm Chinese food out and Gaslight Theater break, read 11:30 pm – Midnight Sunday was even worse. The morning started of pretty solid, but by the afternoon it started to feel like a chore rather than a pleasure. I think the book I was reading had a lot to do with it a well. By then I was trying to finish up The Handmaid’s Tale, and really didn’t care about the characters as they were all pretty horrid. So in between reading spurts there was lots of naps and whining for coffee. My guys were very patient with me and once I got onto the last book I was back in the groove again. I guess for people who like to read, we really don’t realize how much we do read. Most of the time it didn’t seem like it was different from most weekends except that I was keeping track of stop and start times. Read, eat, fold laundry, read, cook, read, clean up a mess, read. And the down times I gave myself from the reading challenge – I ended up reading. Facebook, blog posts, my emails, a magazine. It was nice having the excuse to read for hours at a time though and not feel like I was ignoring my family. If you are interested there is another challenge set to kick off in July. I will probably join. My eyes should be back to normal by then and my family will have forgotten about my whining…

February Make-a-Thing-a-Day

Now onto my new challenge. This is a Facebook Group thing and essentially you are to make a thing each day in February. It’s very open to interpretation and pretty much anything goes. You can do as little or as much as you’d like each day. A larger project can also be broken down into smaller segments, like writing one page a day of a novel. Writing, crafting, painting, cooking, blogging, it all can count towards your one thing for that day. You really are only answering to yourself, but it is always fun to see what others are up to. I made out a list of things to get my creative juices going. Some are things I know I need to make, so why not add them. Others are quick things I can do in case I get stuck or lack the energy for something bigger. I cook (a lot) but do not plan on making that one of my things unless I am desperate. These are in no particular order, just a random list of ideas of things I might like to attempt. You can also see my Pinterest inspiration board.
  • Valentine’s birthday
  • card
  • clay charm
  • boho beads
  • painted rock
  • ATCs/Rolos/ICADs
  • altered paper clips
  • watercolor painting
  • metal washer pendant
  • handmade journal
  • scrap paper tags
  • monoprints – Gelli plate
  • carve a stamp – year of the pig, quail
  • Art journal pages (quiet, paint #12)
  • Arty mail art envelope
  • Postcards (celebrate theme)
  • Bookmarks
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Zine
  • wire wrapped rock
  • collage
  • blackout poetry
  • calligraphy
  • handmade washi tape
I’ll be adding pictures to the Facebook Group as I go and update how it went at the end of the month. Of course, I still have more de-cluttering to do and my list of 20 before 2020, I’ll be trying to keep up with those as well. Let me know if you have read any great books lately or have ideas to add to my February make challenge! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Nickalli

Always interested to know what you think!