Challenges and Possibilities

I hope you had a very merry Christmas. This is my most loved and most hated time of year. The days after Christmas until New Year’s Eve.

The hustle and stress of Christmas “trying to fit everything in” is finally over. Regardless of what I did or didn’t get done, it all turned out okay. Now is the time of possibilities. I have a week of making plans and deciding how to start out the next year.

I’m crap at resolutions and don’t believe I’ve ever made one that’s lasted past those little pink boxes of conversation hearts. I do like to plan though. Decide on my new schedule. Plan out my new journal and planner. Decide which de-cluttering challenge I’m going to start. Buy the art supplies for the year-long class I just signed up for. Work on my online class and writing. This is the time of possibilities.

I am starting to look around at all the things I need to purge from my life. I want to go through my spice cabinets and toss out all the old expired things. I want to sift through the paperwork in the office and toss and shred until only the most needed things remain. I want to start a new meal plan and exercise program that will see me in a bikini at the end of the year. (Ha, no worries – NEVER gonna happen!)

Challenge Accepted

I also love a challenge. I want to start the 365 daily declutter challenge, the 31-day home detox, the 52-week money challenge, the Goodreads reading challenge, the wardrobe challenge, the 40 bags in 40 days challenge, … I’m kinda into challenges. But which ones will I stick with?  Which would make the biggest impact? I only have a week to decide!!

I know realistically I could start a new challenge at any time. But the first of the year seems like THE time to start something. Unfortunately, I want to start everything – but know that the fewer things I try to do, the more I’ll actually succeed at.

This year I’m thinking of trying something new. A 20 before 2020 kind of thing. I like that it is less than once a week, but a bit more than once a month. Leaves a bit of wiggle room to get everything done in one year.

20 Before 2020

So here are my 20 before 2020 that I’ll be working on. Of course, doing more is wonderful, but having an achievable goal is important to me.

  1. Carve 20 new handcrafted stamp designs
  2. Send out 20 handwritten letters
  3. Send out 20 postcards
  4. Do 20 pieces of mixed media artwork
  5. Draw or paint 20 items
  6. Read 20 books
  7. Listen to 20 audiobooks
  8. Make 20 deliveries to donate goods
  9. Write 20 articles or blog posts
  10. Cook 20 new recipes
  11. Take 20 pictures with me in them
  12. Make 20 individual lists of 20 *
  13. See 20 new places
  14. Volunteer 20 times
  15. Take 20 drives, just to go drive
  16. Abandon 20 pieces of Art
  17. Eat out and try 20 unique dishes
  18. Make 20 pieces of jewelry
  19. Watch 20 new movies
  20. Perform 20 random acts of kindness

In my Free Resource Library, I’ve included the 20 lists of 20 I’ll be making. If you’d like to play along, let me know. I’m always more successful when doing challenges with friends. Except exercising- no one needs to witness my uncoordinated attempts to fight gravity. I’ll be updating this periodically to let you know how I’m doing.  Thanks for reading – I hope you have a spectacular New Year! ~ Nickalli